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MAA's Mission

The mission of the MAA is to advance the understanding of mathematics and its impact on our world.

The Mathematical Association of America is the world’s largest community of mathematicians, students, and enthusiasts. We further the understanding of our world through mathematics because mathematics drives society and shapes our lives.

MAA's Vision

We envision a society that values the power and beauty of mathematics and fully realizes its potential to promote human flourishing.

MAA's Core Values

• Cultivates participation in mathematics through outreach and partnership.
• Strengthens community through collaborative activities for mathematics professionals, students, and enthusiasts at all levels.

• Advocates inclusivity and celebrates diversity by promoting mathematics for all.
• Broadens access to mathematics through initiatives to engage diverse audiences.

• Advances creative discoveries in mathematics and communicates them to the world.
• Communicates the role of mathematics in a changing society.

Teaching & Learning
• Fosters the open exchange of ideas about the teaching and learning of mathematics.
• Develops and promotes research-based instructional resources and practices.

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) is one of the largest global communities of mathematicians, educators, students, and mathematics enthusiasts, united by a collective love for mathematics.

Annual Report

Explore the 2022 MAA Annual Report to discover our achievements and progress over the past year.

Strategic Plan 2024+

Our new strategic plan sets forth a series of goals and objectives to guide our efforts in enhancing educational practices, supporting research, and expanding outreach. This plan exemplifies our commitment to making a significant impact on the mathematical community and beyond. For a comprehensive overview of our strategic direction for the coming years, please refer to the PDF linked. Join us in shaping the future of mathematics!

MAA History through Today

The MAA’s origins can be traced back to a journal titled The American Mathematical Monthly. Its founder, Benjamin Finkel, aspired to make it “the most interesting and popular journal published in America.” More than 125 years later, the publication has evolved into a prominent platform within the mathematical world.

The journal's success highlighted a greater need—a dedicated space where math professionals, from educators to engineers, and everyone in between, could foster connections through their shared passion for mathematics.

Over the years, the MAA has grown into more than a professional hub. The association has become a vibrant community where all can explore and revel in the art and science of math.

Today, the MAA stands proudly at the core of the mathematics community.

The MAA’s over 20,000 members stay connected through Special Interest Groups within the MAA (SIGMAAs), participate in local Sections, and gather at our annual MAA MathFest. In between in-person events, the MAA Connect community engages members through volunteerism and additional communities, fostering exchange throughout the year.

The work of the MAA nurtures the next wave of math educators and professionals through initiatives like MAA Project NExT and leads prestigious math competitions like the American Mathematics Competitions and the Putnam Competition.

Our offerings have expanded to include more publications than ever—from our blog Math Values to our comprehensive range of journals and a dynamic book program. At MAA, members expand their mathematical knowledge and stay abreast of advancements in the math sciences.