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Every summer, MAA MathFest presents the latest in mathematical research and education to diverse audiences worldwide. As one of the largest communities of mathematicians, students, and enthusiasts, the MAA is proud to host this meeting each year.

At MAA MathFest, you’ll be joined by thousands of your peers as you explore new and emerging mathematical trends, learn skills that will help advance your career, and create connections that will last a lifetime. 

Why Should You Attend MAA MathFest?

There are countless reasons to attend MAA MathFest. (And when we say countless, you know we mean it!) Here are our Top 5: 

  • It is the largest gathering of professionals from all corners of the mathematical sciences who gather every year to discuss advances in research, pedagogy, and more.
  • Researchers and math professionals present ideas that are accelerating the understanding of mathematics and its impact on our world
  • There’s valuable programming for everyone, including students, early-career mathematicians, mathematics faculty, and math teachers
  • You can build your perfect itinerary from professional development courses, workshops, and themed paper sessions that provide opportunities to further develop mathematics and education knowledge and skills
  • It’s a blast! From lectures to workshops to casual gatherings, we make sure attendees learn a lot and have a ton of fun along the way.

Register for MAA MathFest 2024!

MAA MathFest 2024 is taking place in Indianapolis, IN from August 7-10, 2024.

Sign up for our biggest event of the year early to get the best price available.

Don’t forget to submit your papers

Find our call for submissions here.

Explore the MAA Archive

Catch up on the past 20+ years of MAA MathFest by exploring our archive of programs and abstracts.