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Educators like you are shaping the next generation of mathematical thinkers.

The resources provided here are crafted to assist you and your students in excelling, especially through engaging opportunities like the MAA American Mathematics Competitions (AMC).

The MAA equips K-12 educators with various resources to support their teaching and inspire students in the joy of mathematics. This includes comprehensive materials for the AMC — a pathway for students to deepen their love for problem-solving and analytical thinking. You’ll find preparation materials, practice problems, and insights into creating enriching competition experiences.

Explore our offerings by category, resource type, and more, tailored to empower your teaching journey. Additionally, by joining the MAA community, you’ll unlock further access to exclusive resources, including detailed guides and materials for AMC preparation and our highly regarded journals.

Featured Resources

Freaky Fraction Splitting

Take a pile of nine pebbles, nine coins, or nine cucumbers (but you can't use zucchini!) and split it into two piles. Then, split each of those piles into two piles. Keep doing this until you have nine piles, each with one object. What could be mathematically astounding about such a process? There is a...

Curriculum Inspirations: Pencil Prices

James Tanton takes viewers through this question from the 2011 MAA AMC 10a Competition. Appropriate for the 10th grade level, this question covers Algebra. Common Core State Standards (CCSS): A-SSE.2; 7.G.4 Read the Curriculum Burst essay that goes with this question here: Pencil Prices This video demonstrates problem-solving strategy #8: Second-Guess the Author Curriculum Inspirations...
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