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Help advance mathematics and its impact on our world.

The Mathematical Association of America is the leading voice of mathematicians in the country… and has been for more than 100 years! 

Over our century of service, we have expanded access to math resources, uplifted underrepresented and diverse voices in our community, and invested in the next generation of problem solvers who will make our world a better place. And that’s thanks to the generosity of our supporters – people just like you. 

With your help, the MAA can continue to ensure everyone at every level can find their place in the math community. Find ways to support the MAA below.

Make a Donation

Support the MAA as we grow our community of mathematicians, students, and enthusiasts, and deepen our commitment to expanding access to math for all.

Be a Sponsor

Help advance the field of math and make an impact on our world by supporting the MAA’s efforts to inspire students, support teachers, and train early-career faculty.

Plan a Gift

Make a lasting impact on our organization and the field of math by including the MAA in your financial or estate plans. Your gift helps ensure impactful programs benefit future generations.

How your gift makes a difference

When you make a donation to the MAA, your gift is put to work advancing our mission by:

  • Expanding access to math: Our TENSOR, TENSOR SUMMA, and AMC for All programs help encourage minority mathematicians to persist in their studies and ensured every student has access to math resources.
  • Building the future generation of mathematicians and leaders: MAA initiatives like MAA AMC, the Putnam, and MAA Project NExT support and encourage the youngest learners, college students, and early career professionals respectively through resources, competitions, and mentorship.
  • Elevating and recognizing accomplishments in math: MAA is proud to recognize professionals, students, and teachers through various awards, publications, prizes, and certificates in various areas of research, writing, service, and more.
  • Providing general support: Gifts are put to work where resources are needed most, to respond quickly to new ideas or needs, expand programs, and more.