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The MAA is a member-driven organization run by and for its members. The community shares a commitment to our mission: "to advance the understanding of mathematics and its impact on our world."

Get involved! MAA Committees are now accepting suggestions for members to serve on committees and editorial boards that make important recommendations and policies for the organization.

Board of Directors

Hortensia Soto, President

Jenna Carpenter, President-Elect

Richard J. Cleary, Vice President

Allen Butler, Treasurer

Cynthia J. Wyels, Secretary

Victor Piercey, Chair of Congress

Edray Herber Goins, Past Chair of Congress

Lisa Marano, Chair of Council on Sections

Nancy Ann Neudauer, Associate Secretary

MAA Councils

Council on Communities
Kira Hamman, Chair
Council on Competitions
Steve Dunbar, Chair
Council on Prizes and Awards
Maeve McCarthy, Chair
Council on Meetings
Matthew Delong, Chair
Council on Publications
Stanley Seltzer, Chair
Council on Sections
Lisa Marano, Chair
Council on Teaching and Learning
Jason Douma, Chair
Council on the Profession
Rick Gilman, Chair