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School Administrator FAQ

The Mathematical Association of America’s American Mathematics Competitions (MAA AMC) are a series of examinations and accompanying curriculum materials that help America’s educators identify talent and foster a love of mathematics and problem-solving in middle and high school students. The MAA AMC program helps students develop the analytical skills needed for future STEM careers in an innovative society.

The 2024-25 MAA AMC dates are:

AMC 10/12 A – Wednesday, November 6, 2024

AMC 10/12 B – Tuesday, November 12, 2024

AMC 8 – January 22-28, 2025

  • Feedback and information on your school’s ranking at the national level
  • Enhanced opportunities to secure funding for STEM programs at your school
  • Recognition for getting students college and career-ready
  • Competition materials that connect to the Common Core State Standards

  • Inspiring student interest in math through engaging in problem-solving
  • Recognition of teacher’s leadership abilities
  • Lesson plans that connect to Common Core State Standards
  • Access to math resources and a large math community
  • Connections to math educators in higher education
  • Opportunity to prepare students for college and the workforce

  • The opportunity to challenge themselves and practice problem-solving skills in a fun and supportive environment
  • Unique ways to learn problem-solving skills and practice math concepts from the Common Core State Standards
  • An advantage in the college admissions process
  • First step towards qualifying for the U.S. International Mathematical Olympiad team

"Developing a passion and enthusiasm for the beauty of mathematics in my students is very rewarding! The MAA AMC provides students an opportunity to improve their problem-solving skills, connect with other students who have similar interests, and strive for excellence in mathematics."

Anne Crumm, Ralph Cadwallader Middle School, Las Vegas, NV