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“Camp” of Mathematical Queeries

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“Camp” of Mathematical Queeries is a four-week virtual mathematics enrichment program tailored for LGBTQ+ teens entering grades 9-12. This innovative program is not just about numbers; it's about celebrating the diverse knowledge and experiences within the LGBTQ+ community. By intertwining LGBTQ+ and mathematical identities, we create a unique space where students can explore the beauty of mathematics while affirming their own identities and connect with other students and mentors who identify as queer and/or trans.

We care about this so much that even the “Camp” name was designed to affirm queer and trans identities! The program's name, “Camp” of Mathematical Queeries, pays tribute to LGBTQ+ cultural heritage, drawing inspiration from the vibrant world of drag and camp aesthetics. “Queeries” adds a playful twist, encouraging students to question and explore math in unconventional ways. Throughout the program, participants will tackle group-worthy mathematical challenges that help them explore real-world applications of mathematics that also connect to LGBTQ+ culture and history, offering a dynamic, interdisciplinary, and engaging learning experience like no other.

What is the Inspiration Behind “Camp”?

The program was designed to illustrate that students' LGBTQ+ identities are powerful assets to be utilized in the nurturing of positive mathematical identity. Our program honors the sentiments of Ocean Vuong, who wrote,

...[W]hen I look at my life, I saw that queerness demanded an alternative innovation from me. I had to make alternative routes; it made me curious; it made me ask, 'Is this enough for me?'

The "Camp" taps into LGBTQ+'s folx natural propensity to explore alternative routes and ask questions that others may not. The program will explore the possibility that this liberatory approach is needed to radically transform how we view what counts as mathematics and what it means to be mathematical.

The methods and ideas for "Camp" of Mathematical Queeries have been inspired by several sources including (but not limited to!):

  • Kai Rands' works in mathematical Inqu[ee]ry
  • Alexander S. Moore's work on the "Queer Identity Intersection of Mathematics Education"
  • Luis Leyva's work on mathematics as a white, masculine space
  • Kyne Santos' (from Canada's Drag Race!) TikTok math videos.
  • Rochelle Gutierrez's work in creative insubordination and rehumanizing mathematics
  • Brown and Walter's work on mathematical problem posing
  • Lessons from the book High School Mathematics Lessons to Explore, Understand, and Respond to Social Injustice
  • The work of programs such as Indigenous STEAM, Girls STEM Institute, Girls who Code, and Love & LiteraTea


At “Camp” of Mathematical Queeries, we celebrate 2SLGBTQIA+ identities and show how they can make math even more awesome! Our program is all about using math in real-life ways that connect to queer and trans experiences. In the past, we’ve explored topics such as using mathematics to analyze media representation of 2SLGBTQIA+ people, queer architectural design, and even the math behind viruses like HIV, monkeypox, and COVID-19. This summer, we’re diving into gerrymandering – a way politicians redraw voting districts to weaken or strengthen the power of specific communities, including queer and trans communities. Algebra, geometry, combinatorics, graph theory, computer science, and history all help us understand and its impact on queer and trans communities. We hope you’ll join us to learn all about gerrymandering this summer!

2SLGBTQIA+ students in the United States who are entering grades 9-12 are invited to apply for “Camp” of Mathematical Queeries. The minimum mathematics requirement is that a student must have completed the equivalent of 8th-grade mathematics before “Camp” begins.

To respect everyone’s privacy, our sessions will never be video or audio recorded, and we will never share your personal information with anyone outside of the “Camp” community without your permission. Students accepted to “Camp” will be required to sign a Code of Conduct that agrees to these provisions for privacy, safety, and respect of everyone.

“Camp” of Mathematical Queries is completely free for all students! Due to limited personnel, however, we can only accept 22-25 applicants for the 2024 summer cohort.

Our 2024 cohort will begin Monday, July 8, 2024 and meet via Zoom on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesday, from 1:00PM – 3:30PM ET. Our final session will be on Wednesday, July 31, 2024.

Every Friday, from 1:00PM – 3:30PM ET, we will also have community-building sessions where we play games, watch queer shows (of students’ choice, favorites from past “Camp” sessions include She Ra, Steven Universe, and Owl House), and so on. Attendance at Friday sessions is encouraged, but not required.

That will be up to you! This is not a traditional enrichment camp or school program. Our program is completely student-generated. While we may provide a specific context (e.g., mathematics re: queer representation in media) at various points throughout the program, students will be encouraged to pose whatever mathematical questions they find interesting related to that context (as well as other contexts they generate themselves). For this reason, there is no prescribed mathematical content that we will learn in the program. The mathematics we learn will depend entirely upon the questions students choose to explore and the mathematics that might aid them in that exploration.  Similarly, we will never have required assignments or anything like a traditional school assignment. The goal of the program is to provide a space for mathematical play, discovery, and joy for LGBTQ+ students and for them to engage with mathematics in ways they find interesting and comfortable.

We put the “2S”, which refers to “Two Spirit”, at the start of the acronym to honor and acknowledge that Indigenous peoples were here as the first inhabitants of Turtle Island (aka North America).

Applications for the 2024 “Camp” are now closed.

The "Camp" for Mathematical Queeries is supported by the Mathematical Association of AmericaHudson River TradingThe Queer Mathematics TeacherRadical Pedagogy Institute, and Teach About Women