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Static web page with complete details of using Maple to compute a power series solution of a second order ODE.
A collection of Maple 10 worksheets about analytically solving second order constant coefficient differential equations.
A short article that walks the reader through the development of a model of a population of coy and fast women and faithful and philandering men.
A Java applet that allows one to interactively analyze systems of differential equations.
A 2D slope field and solution plotter. Reasonable parser and stable. Has some good drop down examples. Includes a nullcline and time reversal.
A powerful computational engine that will provide analytical and graphical solutions to differential equations input by the user
This is intended to be a universal encyclopedia for the exact (non-numeric) solution to all equations. Included in here are ODEs and PDEs.
Website is intended to teach the self-motivated learner mathematics through Calculus and ODEs (to include Laplace Transforms) through interaction with the computer.
This webpage displays fully-worked examples showing the solution of a second-order linear homogeneous differential equation with constant coefficients.