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Applet for constructing antiderivative graph
User can draw a function \(f(x)\) using a nice smoothing algorithm, then a simple slide interaction draws a rectangle whose height is given by the average value of the function from \(a\) to \(b\)
Worksheets are provided with sample questions on investigating the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.
Exploraton of The Fundamental Theorem (both parts) using worked examples in applets.

A complete lesson on sinusoidal waves and acoustics. An embedded spreadsheet provides an interactive resource for phase shifts; otherwise, this is a static text-based webpage.

A thorough review of high school algebra presented as a series of HTML pages with some Flash applets and JavaScript modules embedded.

This graphic presentation illustrates the relationship between the shape of a function and the sign of the first derivative.

Wolfram's demo for the product rule, with dropdown menus for the functions. Users can download the free Mathematica Player to play a live version of the demo.
Java applet allows the user to visualize the washer method for finding the volume of a solid formed by revolving a specific region about the \(x\)-axis.

Three adjacent windows display graphs of (1) a function \(f\)  and its derivative, (2) a function \(g\) and its derivative, and (3) a function \(h\) and its derivative.