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This applet allows users to select and plot an example function or input a user-defined function.
This Java applet allows users to see a visual representation of numerical approximations for the area under a sample curve.
This Java applet allows users to view slopefields for differential equations of the form \(dy/dx = f(x, y)\). Users can select examples from a dropdown list or enter their own.
A lecture on sinusoidal graphs presented as a multipage HTML document with accompanying CAS files. CAS files include Maple 6, Maple 7, Mathematica, Matlab, Mathcad files.
A large collection of animations that illustrate families of functions and curves including: linear, power, polynomial, rational, trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions.
QuickTime animation of a volume of revolution.
WolframAlpha is an online computational knowledge engine. It can accept natural language input and is programmed with thousands of computational algorithms.
WinPlot is a freely distrributed simple 2D and 3D grapher, with built-in features for creating animations, tables of values, and more.
This resource is a geogebra applet with minimal instructions that allows the user to explore the limit of a sequence visually.