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Online notes concerning surface integrals. Chapters are: Parametric Surfaces, Surface Integrals, Surface Integrals of Vector Fields, Stokes' Theorem, and Divergence Theorem.
This a full course on multivariable calculus. It contains videos of lectures and recitation sessions, text for each topic, examples, and problem sets and exams.
Applet in which user can drag a plane curve with the mouse to change its shape, and display features such as normals and osculating circles while user deforms the shape.

This is a collection of several animations that involve the Frenet frame and the osculating circle.

This applet shows a curve in the \(xy\)-plane, the vector from the origin to a point on the curve, and the osculating circle. Also displayed is the curvature.

Applet which allows the user to visualise and move a point by its rectilinear or cylindrical coordinates simultaneously.
Provides a simple visualization of the polar to rectangular "change of coordinates" by displaying a polar rectangle adjacent to its mapping into rectangular coordinates, together with explanatory
This java applet provides a variety of graphing functionality supporting multivariable calculus.
Interactive java applet which allows the user to plot any two- or three-dimensional parametric curve together with associated tangent and normal vectors.
This resource provides a visualization of the velocity and acceleration vectors of a "puck" moving around in the plane.