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Using regular soda cans and their cardboard containers, students will calculate volume and surface area.
Hands-on activity. The purpose is to help students learn to use variables and to write equations to model a problem situation.
Hands-on activity. Plotting points, writing linear functions algebraically, relating slope and \(y\)-intercept to context. Compares value of coins in different piles.
A hands-on activity to help students understand four basic binary operations in algebraic expressions, solving linear equations in one variable, and solving a formula for an indicated variable, us
Students learn to develop the equation for a line. The emphasis is on the significance of the slope and the \(y\)-intercept.
Students use the internet to research values relevant to projectile motion such as acceleration due to gravity and the height of objects.

2 days. Hands-on simulation activity. Used to introduce solving linear systems of 2 equations in two unknowns, with follow-up involving 3 equations and 3 unknowns.