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This activity has been modified from Real World Learning Objects, Internet-based Activities for Higher Education. The need to access an online calculator has been removed.
The functions that model the process of the elimination of alcohol from the body serve as an introduction to a study of rational functions at an intermediate algebra level.
This investigation of the genetics of the Sickle Cell trait via a mathematical model uses probability and teaches properties of quadratic functions and the concept of optimization of a function.
The purpose of this lesson is to develop an understanding of quadratic functions.

Studies \(y=k/x\) and the meaning of asymptote. Uses fact that elimination rate for some drugs varies by population.

"Get the Lead Out" extends the study of exponential functions and can be used to introduce the use of logarithms to "un-do" exponential expressions in solving equations.
"So Much Coffee, So Little Time" can be used at the Intermediate Algebra level to help students see the value of "solving systems of linear equations".
2 days. Hands-on activity using the actual path of light through your container of water.

The purpose of this lab is to investigate motion, and the use of the equation \(d=rt\).