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Using systems of equations, students will determine the missing components in the ratios used to determine batting average.
he main purpose of this lab is to explore the proportionality of forearm length and height. The students will record their heights and forearm lengths, first plotting on a table.

In science, students often start their graphs at an origin other than \((0, 0)\). Also the scales are often very large or very small and variables, other than \(x\) and \(y\), are used.

Students create ordered pairs, graph depreciating car values, and calculate rates of depreciation, then identify that the rate of depreciation = slope of the line.
In this activity students will explore levels of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere over time.
The lesson begins with a definition of a linear inequality and then looks at individual points that satisfy the inequality to motivate the existence of a larger set of points that satisfy the ineq
This lesson begins with centralized hyperbolas and then moves into translated hyperbolas.
Beginning with a general introduction to conics and how they are formed, circles are first presented and then ellipses are motivated by looking at the general equation of a circle centered at the

The lesson begins with an emphasis on isolating the radical expression in a radical equation and then highlights the importance of checking for extraneous solutions that may be generated when t

The lesson begins with the product and quotient rules for radicals, highlighting the frequently made mistakes of students by overgeneralizing the rules.