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A new function discontinuous at \(0\) is contrived so that the limit approaching \(0\) along any path \(y=mx^n\) is zero.

Describes and generalizes a technique for minimizing certain areas and volumes.

Explores the Gaussian normal density through polynomial approximations

Links hyperbolic functions to distance measurement in space-time

Spherical and cylindrical coordinates arise naturally in a volume calculation.

The authors give a derivation of the integral remainder formula in Taylor's Theorem using change of order in an iterated multiple integral.

An investigation of the applicability of a method for evaluating a single improper integral as an iterated double integral

The author shows a relation between a Jacobian and a certain class of Wronskians.

Solid angle technique applied to find volumes of regular polyhedra

A smooth surface in \(\Re^2\) or \(\Re^3\) has one critical point that is a local, but not global minimum. Must that surface have another critical point? While the answer in the 2-D version is...