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If students are familiar with the theory of determinants, Rolle's Theorem may be used used to establish Taylor's formula.
Description of physical visual aids for spatial concepts.

Some simple examples in which Lagrange multipliers fail to locate extrema

The article describes the murder mystery method for determining whether a vector field is conservative, and, if so, finding a potential function.

A nice example has singular points where the gradient is zero.
A geometric proof of the triple vector product identity.
A bug is on the inside of a container that has the shape of a paraboloid \(y=x^2\) revolved about the \(y\)-axis. If a liquid is poured into the container at a constant rate, how fast does the...
Common inequalities are derived using LaGrange multipliers.

Use the second derivative test to establish that the regression parameters give a minimum.

An attempt is made to define, for optimization problems, a dual or "flip-side" problem also solvable.