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Simple proof for the Pythagorean Theorem.

Find arbitrarily large patches of invisible lattice points.

The differential relation between the volume of a solid and its surface area

A common mistake in graphing a positive trigonometry function.
Minimize the length of wire to hang a bird feeder without calculus

An interesting formula for the determinant of the sum of any two matrices of the same size is presented. The formula can be used to obtain important results about the characteristic polynomial...

Given a square matrix \(U\) and column vectors \( \alpha\) and \( \beta\), the author shows that \( \det(U + \alpha \beta^T) = \det U + \beta^T\) Cof\( (U) \alpha \).  This...

Use probability to find the volume of the standard \(n\)-dimensional simplex.

Many naive ways used by students in their mathematical proofs

Recursive computation of derivatives for a family of functions