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Now is the time for all good men to do mathematics. Work, work, work more. Count, add, subtract, and more. MathDL now is MAA?s pathway within the National Science Digital Library. Other features...
The author provides an elementary proof of the reflection property of the ellipse, without using calculus.

The author presents a geometric proof for the sum of a geometric series by using similar triangles.

If \(s_n\) is the product of the entries in the \(n\)th row of Pascal's Triangle and \(r_n = s_n/s_{n-1}\), then a proof is given of the fact that \( \lim_{n \rightarrow \infty} r_n/r_{n-1} =...

Capsules on sequences and series

The author describes how small truncation errors propagated dramatically on the Vancouver stock exchange.

An algorithm, with examples, for multiplying by \(m\) modulo \( \)n without actually carrying out the multiplications in ordinary arithmetic

Some probalistic examples, primarily in the game of bridge, not found in standard elementary texts, are discussed.

Gaussian Integer solutions to the Pythagorean Triplet equation are investigated. The paper was `inspired by undergraduates, and is accessible to them`.

Biblical text implying that \(\pi\) should be 3