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The authors show that a certain sequence unexpectedly converges to 8.

In this paper the radix sorting algorithm is used to explain why Geronne`s 3 pile card trick works. Generalizations are explored.

The limit of the ratio of the geometric mean to the arithmetic mean of certain sequences is studied, using Riemann sums.

Two proofs, one elementary, of the limit in the title are presented.

The authors investigate the occurrence of composite values of non-constant polynomials with integer coefficients evaluated at integer points.

A visual proof for the sum of octagonal numbers is presented.

The paper presents an elementary solution to the Brachistochrone problem.

The author shows that the ratio of the area under a catenary curve to the arc length is independent of the interval over which they are measured.

A visual demonstration of an inequality involving the tangent function and sums is presented.

Mengoli`s Series is presented visually .