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Problems from Another Time

Individual problems from throughout mathematics history, as well as articles that include problem sets for students.

A finite automaton can be considered as the simplest machine model in that the machine has a finite memory; that is, the memory size is independent of the input length.
Project in which graph theory, combinatorics, or computer science students learn about labeled trees and minimal spanning trees by studying original papers of Cayley, Prufer, and Boruvka
Project in which upper-level discrete math and combinatorics students count triangulations along with Lame and discover the Catalan numbers
A project to help students learn connections between sums of powers and binomial coefficients from writings of Fermat, Pascal, and Bernoulli
Project in which discrete mathematics students apply boolean algebra to circuit design by studying Shannon's original paper on the subject
Project in which students develop the 'algebra of logic' along with E. V. Huntington, who built on the work of Boole
Project in which students are introduced to set operations, Venn diagrams, and Boolean algebra by Boole, Venn, and Peirce
Project in which students learn a simple and efficient way to compute determinants from a paper of Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll)
Project in which discrete mathematics students learn the basics of set theory by reading original works of Cantor and Dedekind
Project in which discrete mathematics students learn the basics of symbolic logic by reading selections from Russell and Whitehead's Principia Mathematica