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Problems from Another Time

Individual problems from throughout mathematics history, as well as articles that include problem sets for students.

There were two men, of whom the first had 3 small loaves of bread and the other, 2.
Discussion of 15th century French manuscript, with translation of its problems, including one with negative solutions
A wooden beam is stood vertically against a wall. The length of the beam is 30 units.
On a certain ground stands two poles 12 feet apart, the lesser pole is 35 ft. in height and the greater 40 ft. It is sought, if the greater pole will lean on the lesser, then in what part will it touch?
Fibonacci gave a practical rule for approximating the area of an equilateral triangle.
A man is walking across a bridge, when a boat passes under the bridge.How rapidly are the boat and the pedestrian separating after the boat passes under the bridge?
What it took to get an 8th grade education in 1895
Now there are six-headed four-legged animals and four-headed two-legged birds. Find the total number of animals and birds.
A castle has n rooms each of which has 7 samurai in it.
Having been given the sum of two numbers, a, and the difference of their squares, b, find the numbers.