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There is a mound of earth in the shape of a frustum of a cone.

A leech invited a slug for a lunch a leuca away.

A man agreed to pay for 13 valuable houses worth $5000 each, what the last would amount to, reckoning 7 cents for the first, 4 times 7 cents for the second, and so on, increasing the price 4 times on each to the last.

The author constructs a possible mathematical path from the ancient Babylonians to Pythagoras, Euclid, and the ancient Greeks.

When knowing the sum of their ages along with another equation, determine how old a father and son are.

Twenty-three weary travelers entered a delightful forest. There they found 63 numerically equal piles of plantain fruit.

Two men rent a pasture for 100 lire on the understanding that two cows are to be counted as being equivalent to three sheep. The first puts in 60 cows and 85 sheep; the second 80 cows and 100 sheep. How much should each pay?

Two men brought their fish through customs. Find how much the fish cost, and what is the customs fee.

Determine a number having remainders 2, 3, and 2 when divided by 3, 5, and 7 respectively.

Given a right triangle where you know the length of the base and the sum of the perpendicular side and the hypotenuse...