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Determine the greatest cylinder that can be inscribed in a given cone.

A tree is 2 zhang tall and has a circumference of 3 chi. There is a vine that winds seven equally spaced times around the tree and reaches the top. What is the length of the vine?

In a certain lake, swarming with red geese, the tip of a lotus bud was seen to extend a span above the surface of the water.

Find two numbers with sum 20 and when squared their sum is 208.

A teacher agreed to teach 9 months for $562.50 and his board. At the end of the term, on account of two months' absence caused by sickness, he received only $409.50. What was his board worth per month?

The authors provide descriptions of Maya calendar systems, photos of artifacts, examples of calendar conversions, and exercises for classroom use.

In a given square, inscribe 4 equal circles so that...

A survey of the use of technology in American mathematics teaching over the past 200 years.

Assume that the human population after the flood was 6 and that 200 years later the population was 1,000,000. Find the annual rate of growth of the population.

A fish sees a heron looking at him from across a pool, so he quickly swims towards the south. When he reaches the south side of the pool, he has the unwelcome surprise of meeting the heron.