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Given a pyramid 300 cubits high, with a square base 500 cubits to a side, determine the distance from the center of any side of the base to the apex.

The classic work by Dirk Struik is still worth reading, especially for its attention to the social context of the development of mathematical ideas.

How does geometry begin? This work explores the origins of geometry in the work of artisans.

In a rectangle, given the diagonal and perimeter, find the sides

This is the title page of the Summa de arithmetica, geometrica, proportioni et proportionalita, published by Luca Pacioli in 1494. This was the most comprehensive mathematical text of the time and one of the earliest printed mathematical works. It contained not only practical arithmetic, but also algebra, practical geometry and the first published treatment of double-entry bookkeeping.

If 40 oranges are worth 60 apples, and 75 apples are worth 7 dozen peaches, and 100 peaches are worth 1 box of grapes and three boxes of grapes are worth 40 pounds of pecans, how many pounds of pecans can be bought for 100 oranges?

Relationships between Architecture and Mathematics

Three equal circles with radii 12 feet are tangent to each other. Compute the area enclosed between them.

A fox, a wild-cat, and a hound pass through customs and together pay 111 coins.