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Prove geometrically that the hypocycloid is a straight line when the radius of the rolling circle is one-half the radius of the fixed circle.

Given a wooden log of diameter 2 ch'ih 5 ts'un from which a 7 ts'un thick board is to be cut, what is the maximum possible width of the board?

Original source material from seventeen mathematicians, with commentary by Stephen Hawking.

We sadly announce the untimely death of one of Convergence's editorial board members.

A man died leaving 3 sons, to whom he bequeathed his estate in the following manner: to the eldest he gave 184 dollars; to the second 155 dollars and to the third 96 dollars;

These are the winning entries from the annual History of Mathematics SIGMAA Student Paper Contest.

A number of 3 digits in base 7 has the same three digits...

There is much to see in this museum related to the history of mathematics.

Given: a circle with an inscribed equilateral triangle. The triangle has sides which are 12 cubits long. What is the area of the circle?

In a certain lake, swarming with red geese, the tip of a lotus bud was seen to extend a span above the surface of the water.