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Two persons sit down to play for a certain sum of money, and agree that the first who gets three games shall be the winner. After a few games they resolve to divide the stakes. How much should each person receive?

Apollonius found how to draw normals to an ellipse from points in the ellipse by using hyperbolas. A modern version is presented here.

Given two circles tangent to each other and to a common line, determine a relationship between the radii and the distance between the tangent points.

Rabbits and pheasants are put in a basket.

To find three quantities x.y, and z...

A boy gives 11 coins of equal denomination to a man, and the man finds that their total value in yen is 4 less than his age.

A sketch of the history of topology, beginning with the polyhedron formula, but continuing up to the present.

A merchant woman buys and sells apples and pears. How much did she invest in apples; how much in pears?

A water tub holds 73 gallons; the pipe which fills it usually admits 7 gallons in 5 minutes; and the tap discharges 20 gallons in 17 minutes.

Two ants are 100 paces apart, crawling back and forth along the same path. The first goes 1/3 pace forward a day and returns 1/4 pace; the other goes forward 1/5 pace and returns 1/6 pace. How many days before the first ant overtakes the second?