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A man has four creditors. To the first he owes 624 ducats; to the second, 546; to the third, 492; and to the fourth 368.

Prove that the area of a regular polygon can be given by the product of its perimeter and half the radius of the inscribed circle.

A study of the solution of quartic equations in Cardano's Ars Magna and in the work of Euler and Descartes.

Two persons sit down to play for a certain sum of money, and agree that the first who gets three games shall be the winner. After a few games they resolve to divide the stakes. How much should each person receive?

A biography stressing Agnesi's deep commitment to help those in need.

Three equal circles with radii 12 feet are tangent to each other. Compute the area enclosed between them.

An introduction to the prime numbers in many of their aspects.

We sadly announce the untimely death of one of Convergence's editorial board members.

The incircle O(r) of triangle ABC touches AB at D, BC at E and AC at F. Find r in terms of AD, BE and CF.

Download the three winning essays to learn about medieval Islamic dust boards, Old Babylonian similarity, and the Fermat Problem.