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Index of articles on history of mathematics that have won awards from the MAA.

A collection of reproducible student activity sheets that use historical settings to teach or reinforce basic mathematical lessons.

A series of curricular units based on primary source texts for use in teaching and learning trigonometry.

An incredible compendium of geometry problems, illustrated with GeoGebra applets, by a little-known author.

An exploration of how the translations of Euler’s Letters to a German Princess came to differ from the original text.

Leonhard Euler contributed to the mathematical theory of ballooning shortly before his death.

A unique course combining the history of mathematics and travel.

An overview of Ladd-Franklin's contributions to symbolic logic, based on an explication of an excerpt from her doctoral dissertation.

A case where not simplifying fractions explains a curious rule for computing cube roots from medieval Arabic mathematics, with student exercises.

Essay on the justifications for using history to teach mathematics.