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Make a crown of gold, copper, tin, and iron weighing 60 minae: gold and copper shall be 2/3 of it; gold and tin, 3/4 of it; and gold and iron, 3/5 of it. Find the required weights of gold, copper, tin, and iron.

A biography of the geometer Donald Coxeter.

The third part of a necklace of pearls, broken in a lover's quarrel, fell to the ground...

A speculator bought stock at 25% below par and sold it at 20% above par. He gained $1560. How much did he invest?

Instructions that apply to Convergence but not necessarily to other areas of Loci

Two circles, the sum of whose radii is a, are placed in the same plane with their centers at a distance 2a...

This meeting of the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics takes place in Vancouver, BC, in association with the 2008 Canadian Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Assume that the human population after the flood was 6 and that 200 years later the population was 1,000,000. Find the annual rate of growth of the population.

A wooden beam is stood vertically against a wall. The length of the beam is 30 units.

A square walled city of unknown dimensions has four gates, one at the center of each side.