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A gentleman has bought a rectangular piece of land whose perimeter is to be 100 rods; and he is to pay 1 dollar for each rod in the length of the land and 3 dollars for each rod in the breath of the land.

Image of first arithmetic book published in the English colonies in what is now the Eastern United States
A website with links to information about numerous topics in the history of mathematics.

A new sourcebook containing the works in their original form along with a translation and a brief commentary.

Classrom suggestions for integrating Leonardo's ideas in several different classes

A collection of articles dealing with mathematical models and objects and how they can be used in teaching.

I have two fields of grain. From the first field I harvest 2/3 sila (a measurement of grain volume) per sar (a unit of area); from the second, 1/2 sila per sar.

In one day, a person can make 30 arrows or fletch [put the feathers on] 20 arrows.

A mouse is at the top of a poplar tree 60 braccia high, and a cat is on the ground at its foot. The mouse descends 1/2 a braccia a day and at night it turns back 1/6 of a braccia.

A cylindrical tin tomato can is to be made which shall have a given capacity. Find what should be the ratio of the height to the radius of the base that the smallest possible amount of tin shall be required.