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A collection of articles on mathematics in Europe from the twelfth to the fifteenth century.

Videotape of aspects of the history of mathematics.
Tartaglia's method for solving cubics, which he eventually explained to Cardano.

A history of attempts to solve cubic and higher degree polynomial equations, including the notions of group theory and their relationship to the idea of symmetry.

William Cook recounts the history of and computational progress on the traveling salesman problem, emphasizing connections within mathematics and with other disciplines.

A website with links to information about numerous topics in the history of mathematics.
This is the title page of the French edition of Leonhard Euler's text on Algebra. The text was originally published in German in 1767 in St. Petersburg and then translated into French in 1795.
Classrom suggestions for integrating Leonardo's ideas in several different classes

Three circles of varying radius are mutually tangent. The area of the triangle connecting their centers is given. Find the radius of the third circle.

Two men starting from the same point begin walking in different directions. Their rates of travel are in the ratio 7:3.