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Suppose the area of an equilateral triangle be 600. The sides are required.

The square root of half the number of bees in a swarm has flown out upon a jessamine bush; 8/9 of the swarm has remained behind.

A five-volume set of biographies of mathematicians from ancient times to the twentieth century, aimed at secondary students.

What is the value of X...

I was employed to survey a field, which I was told was an exact geometrical square, but by reason of a river running through it, I can only obtain partial measurements.

Three images from Kepler's 1609 Astronomia Nova, the text in which he introduced his first two laws of planetary motion

Given two circles tangent at the point P with parallel diameters AB and CD, prove that APD and BPC are straight lines.

Determine the greatest cylinder that can be inscribed in a given cone.

A tree is 2 zhang tall and has a circumference of 3 chi. There is a vine that winds seven equally spaced times around the tree and reaches the top. What is the length of the vine?

In a certain lake, swarming with red geese, the tip of a lotus bud was seen to extend a span above the surface of the water.