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Team USA Earns Fourth Place at 62nd International Mathematical Olympiad

Washington, D.C. (August 3, 2021)-- Team USA, sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America American Mathematics Competitions (AMC), earned fourth place in the virtual 62nd International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) held on July 14-24, 2021. The six high school U.S. team members also won medals for their individual top scores.

The IMO, the preeminent high school math competition, brings together the top mathematics students from across the world to compete in the world championship of math. Similar to the 2020 IMO, this year’s competition was virtual with each country setting up their own exam centers and live streaming the participants as they took the competition. This year five US team members were scattered around the US in 5 different venues, across 3 different time zones, and one US team member sat for the IMO in Macau.

This year, 107 countries and territories participated in the virtual competition hosted by the Russian Federation. The U.S. team scored 165 points for a fourth-place finish. China won first place, Russia placed second, and South Korea placed third in the overall team scores. IMO scores are based on the number of points scored by individual team members on six problems. 

2021 U.S. IMO Team

· Ankit Bisain, silver medal

· Quanlin Chen, silver medal

· Maxim Li, gold medal

· Luke Robitaille, gold medal

· Noah Walsh, gold medal

· Zifan Wang, gold medal

The U.S. team was led by leader Po-Shen Loh, professor of mathematics at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), and deputy leader Oleksandr Rudenko, teaching assistant and Ph.D. student at CMU.

Students qualify for the U.S. IMO team by participating in a series of competitions provided by MAA AMC. Approximately 300,000 middle and high school students at over 6,000 schools worldwide participate in the competitions each year.

"We're very proud of the students for persevering with their mathematical studies through the pandemic which disrupted daily life in our country."

Po-Shen Loh, US IMO Coach

"I am so happy to see such talented students working extremely hard to represent our country at the IMO!"

Oleksandr Rudenko, US IMO Coach

“The MAA AMC is proud to sponsor Team USA and we congratulate them on their success at the IMO. These dedicated students represent the bright future of mathematics and we are glad to support them along their mathematical journey.”

Michael Pearson, MAA Executive Director

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