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Recipient of the 2024 Euler Book Prize Award Announced

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) is thrilled to announce that Sarah Hart has been awarded the 2024 Euler Book Prize. 

Euler Book Prize Award

The Euler Book Prize is awarded annually to authors of exceptional mathematics books that significantly impact public perception and understanding of mathematics. The prize celebrates works across various genres, including mathematical monographs, histories, biographies, fiction, poetry, essay collections, and interdisciplinary works. To qualify, books must have been published in English within five years prior to the award.

Established in 2005 and first presented in 2007 to commemorate Leonhard Euler's 300th birthday, the prize is supported by the generosity of Virginia and Paul Halmos.

About This Year’s Recipient

Sarah Hart's latest book, Once Upon a Prime, offers readers an engaging and expertly researched journey through the interconnected realms of mathematics and literature. Drawing from a rich tapestry of literary and mathematical traditions and cultures, Hart skillfully uncovers the significant role mathematics plays in literature.

With a compelling and witty narrative, Once Upon a Prime invites readers to discover the unexpected connections between the two disciplines. It sheds light on how mathematics influences the art of storytelling and how literature can deepen our understanding of mathematical concepts. This thought-provoking book encourages readers to see both mathematics and literature in fresh and enlightening ways, enhancing the pleasure of reading and the joy of learning.

Hart's work expands our perspectives on both literature and mathematics, making them accessible and captivating to a broad audience. Once Upon a Prime is a must-read for anyone interested in exploring the fascinating interplay between these two fields.

More information on the award and how to submit a nomination

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