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Recipient of the 2024 Daniel Solow Author’s Award Announced

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) is thrilled to announce that Joel David Hamkins has been awarded the 2024 Daniel Solow Author’s Award.

Daniel Solow Author’s Award

This annual award honors the author(s) of outstanding undergraduate mathematics teaching materials, including textbooks, lecture notes, computer software, web-based resources, video lectures, and other materials approved by the Council on Prizes, collectively referred to as "materials." Selection is based primarily on the impact of these materials on undergraduate education in mathematics and related fields such as operations research, statistics, computer science, and applied mathematics.

About This Year’s Recipient

Acclaimed mathematician and author Joel David Hamkins has released Proof and the Art of Mathematics, a groundbreaking textbook that redefines how students learn the art of proofwriting. The book is structured around mathematically rich topics rather than proof methods, providing students with an opportunity to learn to write proofs while exploring engaging and intriguing subject matter.

Instructors who have integrated Proof and the Art of Mathematics into their curriculum have praised the book for showcasing the diverse and multifaceted nature of mathematics to their students. "Students had not realized that math had so many different faces," noted one instructor. "They were amazed to discover the various ways of thinking involved."

Hamkins' innovative approach emphasizes clear and effective communication, as well as the development of intuition, allowing readers to experience "a look behind the curtain at the workings of the mind" of a mathematician.

Reflecting on his new textbook, Hamkins expressed his enthusiasm for the project: "What a joy it has been to share the beauty of mathematics with aspiring mathematicians, helping them to learn the art of proofwriting!"

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