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Recipient of the 2024 Chauvenet Prize Award Announced

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) is ecstatic to announce the 2024 Chauvenet Prize Award to Jeffrey Witmer. 

Chauvenet Prize Award

The Chauvenet Prize, named in honor of William Chauvenet, a mathematics professor at the United States Naval Academy, is an annual award given during the Association's annual meeting for an exceptional expository article on a mathematical topic.

About This Year’s Recipient

“Simpson’s Paradox” refers to the phenomenon that inequality can hold for several groups of data but reverse itself when the groups are combined into a single data set. Witmer’s article not only nicely illustrates the phenomenon but also shows the reader a useful technique for avoiding it, namely the use of causal diagrams. These diagrams give a methodical way to clarify the hypothesized causal link that is being tested, and therefore determine which is the most appropriate way to look at the data. The paper ends with a plethora of examples for the reader to consider, from sports statistics to SAT scores to the Titanic, providing something for everyone.

More information on the award and how to submit a nomination

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