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Recipient of the 2024 Beckenbach Book Award Announced

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) is thrilled to announce that Roger B. Nelsen has been awarded the 2024 Beckenbach Book Prize.

Beckenbach Book Prize Award

The Beckenbach Prize, established in 1986 as the successor to the MAA Book Prize from 1982, is named in honor of the late Edwin Beckenbach, a prominent figure in the Association's publications program and a renowned mathematics professor at UCLA. This $2,500 award recognizes authors of exceptional and innovative books published by the MAA and aims to promote the creation of such works. The prize is not awarded on a fixed schedule, and books must have been published within five years of the award to be eligible for consideration.

About This Year’s Recipient

With his latest book, Nuggets of Number Theory, Nelsen invites readers on a fascinating journey into the world of elementary number theory. Through his accessible and engaging writing style, Nelsen effortlessly blends historical references, anecdotes, and compelling topics to create an intriguing narrative for readers of all backgrounds.

The book’s innovative style is evident from the start. Opening Nuggets of Number Theory to any page reveals a neat visual proof, an intriguing numerical insight, or a captivating historical anecdote. The book is designed to draw readers into the wonders of number theory and offer fresh perspectives on classic theorems and problems.

In Nuggets of Number Theory, readers will discover that elementary number theory remains a vibrant subject where new approaches to traditional problems can still be found.

More information on the award and how to submit a nomination

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