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Mathematical Association of America Welcomes New MAA FOCUS Editor

Washington, D.C. (January 31, 2022) – The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) is pleased to welcome Allison Henrich as the new editor-elect of MAA FOCUS, the newsmagazine of the MAA. Published six times a year, MAA FOCUS provides MAA members with information about organizational activities, news from the mathematics community, and lively articles about the latest in the field. Henrich will become editor on July 1, 2022.

Allison Henrich brings extensive experience to her new position. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at the University of Washington in 2003, followed by her Ph.D. in Mathematics from Dartmouth College in 2008. Henrich began as an Assistant Professor at Seattle University in 2009 and currently holds the position of Professor. 

The author and editor of several books and research articles, Henrich is a two-time recipient of the MAA Halmos-Ford Award for expository excellence. She also received the MAA Henry L. Alder Award for excellence in teaching in 2015. In 2019, Henrich helped establish the American Mathematical Society’s Living Proof blog, for which she currently serves as an editor.

"I am so excited to take the reins from Jacqueline Jensen-Vallin, who has done an amazing job of sharing news and showcasing the accomplishments of people in our community through MAA FOCUS,” Henrich says. “I look forward to working with a talented team to build on Jacqueline's success, re-envisioning an MAA FOCUS for the future."

MAA expresses its sincere gratitude to Jacqueline Jensen-Vallin, who has served as the editor of MAA FOCUS for nearly seven years. Having worked closely with four MAA Presidents as well as the staff at MAA headquarters, Jensen-Vallin has served as an integral pillar of the MAA community for the entirety of her term as editor. Jensen-Vallin’s dedication to inclusion also shaped the magazine’s evolution, as she continuously tapped into the diverse MAA community to ensure all members felt represented by the publication. The MAA board and staff are deeply thankful for the impactful work she has done in shaping the vision that guides MAA FOCUS.

“I'm honored to have had the opportunity to be MAA FOCUS editor for the last almost seven years,” Jensen-Vallin says. “The people I've met at conferences, at MAA Headquarters, and by corresponding with authors I didn't previously know has been an amazing life-changing experience, and I'll always be grateful for this opportunity.”

We are extremely grateful to both women for their service to the MAA community and are excited to see what the future holds for MAA FOCUS.