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Mathematical Association of America Awards Haimo Awards at 2020 Joint Mathematics Meetings

WASHINGTON, DC (Jan. 16th, 2020) Awards for this year’s distinguished service to teaching in mathematics will be given to Federico Ardila, Mark Tomforde, and Suzanne L. Weekes on January 16, at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Denver, the world’s largest gathering of mathematicians.

Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award
The Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award honors college or university teachers who have been widely recognized as extraordinarily successful and whose teaching effectiveness has been shown to have had influence beyond their own institutions.

Ardila inspires students from all walks of life to recognize and realize their potential in mathematics via his work inside and outside of the classroom at San Francisco State University (SFSU), nationally, internationally, and in the popular media. “It is an enormous honor to receive this recognition,” Ardila said. “I will confess that I sometimes feel guilty about being a mathematician. It is a tremendously privileged life. I spend my days searching for beauty and understanding, I call that my job, and I get paid for it.” He goes on to thank his students by saying "Their diverse, critical, and generous perspectives have completely transformed my world view and my understanding of our work as educators. Working with them keeps my spirit young and my heart full.”

Tomforde has had a deep and positive impact at all levels of mathematics education including teaching by example that service is an integral component of STEM careers and that an advanced degree carries a responsibility to the wider community. “I am incredibly honored to receive the Haimo award.” He expresses his gratitude by thanking his professors, students, and peers whom he says “have influenced me much more profoundly than they realize.”

Weekes has had an extraordinary impact on the mathematics community via superlative teaching, advising, and mentoring of students and faculty at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), regionally, and nationally. “I am honored and humbled to have been nominated and selected for this award,” said Weekes. My gratitude goes out to the MAA and to the people who took the time and effort to write letters in support of my nomination. I am fortunate and thankful to work with and learn from collaborators, students, mentors, and leadership with adventurous, creative, and inspiring spirits.”

“The MAA has high regard for the mathematicians receiving these awards,” said Michael Pearson, executive director of the MAA. “They help make the future of mathematics bright by making it their mission to lead by example, positively influencing their individual communities and also the broader mathematical community as a whole.”

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Monday, January 6, 2020