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Mathematical Association of America Awards Author the Euler Book Prize at 2020 Joint Mathematics Meetings

WASHINGTON, DC (Jan. 16, 2020) Award for the year’s best author of an outstanding book about mathematics will be given to Tim Chartier at the Joint Mathematics Meetings held in Denver, January 15-18. The Euler Book Prize is intended to recognize authors of exceptionally well-written books with a positive impact on the public's view of mathematics and to encourage the writing of such books.

Euler Book Prize

Chartier’s book,Math Bytes gives readers a taste of the mathematics and computing applications that underlie many aspects of everyday life. With a wide array of topics—including fractals, fonts, tweets, basketball, Google, digital images, movies, and more—the book exposes readers to a satisfying assortment of mathematical ideas, many of which will be new to non-mathematical audiences.Chartier said “The Euler Prize has been awarded for transformative books, each unfolded new mathematical landscapes to be explored by the public. It’s an unexpected honor to receive this award and deeply meaningful since making math accessible and inspiring has been a foundational part of how I teach, inside and outside of the classroom.”“The MAA is excited to award the Euler Book Prize to Tim for his book, Math Bytes,” said Michael Pearson, executive director of the MAA. “The book has mathematical topics that are interesting and informative all while creating a learning environment that uses real-world perspective, which is the foundation of what this award represents.”