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Mathematical Association of America Announces 2021 Recipients of the Euler Book Prize and Beckenbach Book Prize

Washington, D.C. - The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) is pleased to announce Francis Su and Christopher Jackson as the winners of the Euler Book Prize and Nathan Carter as the winner of the Beckenbach Book Prize.

Euler Book Prize

The Euler Book Prize recognizes the author of an outstanding book about mathematics that has had a positive impact on the public’s view of the field. This prize honors Leonhard Euler, an 18th-century mathematician, as well as Virginia and Paul Halmos for their generosity in establishing the award.

Francis Su and Christopher Jackson, Mathematics for Human Flourishing

The book presents mathematics as a discipline with the power to transform lives and speak to the very core of what it means to be human. Like Christopher Jackson, whose journey was transformed by the power of mathematics from behind prison walls, this book will transform the reader's understanding of the power of mathematics. “I am grateful to the MAA for this award and to Yale University Press for publishing a non-traditional book about math,” said Francis Su. “I am overjoyed to be sharing this award with Chris, whose story should inspire us all.” Christopher Jackson is also “honored to be recognized by the MAA for my friend Francis’ ideas and my contribution.”

Beckenbach Book Prize

Named for the late Edwin Becken, a ladder in publications at the MAA and a professor of mathematics at the University of California at Los Angeles, the Beckenbach Book Prize recognizes the author of a distinguished and innovative book published by the MAA.

Nathan Carter, Introduction to the Mathematics of Computer Graphics

The book is a fun and creative how-to guide to creating stunning computer graphics using freeware. Readers learn the mathematics behind the computational aspects of space, shape, transformation, color, rendering, animation, and modeling. “It’s wonderful that there is an organization like the MAA that rewards investment in mathematics education at the university level,” said Nathan Carter. “I love contributing to that space and it’s humbling to be recognized for doing so.”

“It’s great to be part of an organization that recognizes the breadth and diversity of our discipline,” said Michael Pearson, executive director of MAA. “This year’s awardees represent the beauty and value of mathematics in different settings.”