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Improving Student Outcomes in Higher Education Mathematics

This spring, the House of Representatives Committee on Education and Labor is holding a series of hearings to support their deliberations on the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act. Chairman Bobby Scott of Virginia noted that the Committee has an opportunity "to pass a comprehensive Higher Education Act reauthorization that puts quality and affordable higher education within reach for every student."

The topics of the hearings focused, at least in part, on barriers to student success and completion. Because mathematics is often seen as a critical step, the MAA felt it important to provide input and background information on the ways in which the mathematical sciences community is responding to supporting student success.

This report, written by David Bressoud on behalf of MAA and CBMS, provides an overview of some of the challenges that we in the mathematical sciences community are addressing through extensive efforts to scale up successful practices.

A recent response to an opinion piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education speaks to MAA's perspective on how important it is for us to modify approaches to introductory college mathematics. Through the ongoing work of MAA members, such as the recent MAA Instructional Practices Guide, we have a long history of working collaboratively to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics. It's equally important that we share our work with others to ensure that the views of our community inform policy at all levels.

Read the report.