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The Frank and Brennie Morgan Prize stands to recognize and encourage outstanding mathematical research by undergraduate students. It was endowed by Mrs. Frank Morgan of Allentown, PA. The prize is $1,200.

Nomination Information

AMS-MAA-SIAM Frank and Brennie Morgan Prize for Outstanding Research in Mathematics
by an Undergraduate Student

  1. The prize is awarded to an undergraduate student (or students submitting joint work) for outstanding research in mathematics.
  2. The recipient(s) will receive an award of $1,200 and a certificate. If the Prize is given for joint work, the cash award will be divided among the recipients.
  3. No more than one Prize shall be awarded each year.
  4. In addition, one or more nominees may receive a Certificate of Honorable Mention.
  5. If no other funding is available, income from the Prize fund may be used to pay normal travel costs for a winner to attend the award ceremony and registration for the meeting at which the prize is awarded.
  6. A nominee for the Prize must have been an undergraduate at a college or university in Canada, Mexico or the United States or its possessions in December of the year prior to her or his nomination.
  7. Nomination of a student for the Prize may be made by any individual including the nominee (self- nomination).
  8. Every nomination for the Prize must include the nominee’s research paper or papers and at least one letter of support from a person, normally a faculty member, familiar with the student’s research.
  9. Research paper(s) supporting the nomination must have been submitted to a journal, to a member of the mathematics department of the student’s institution (as in the case of an undergraduate thesis), or posted on an online archive such as prior to the student’s graduation. Publication of the research is not required. The research need not be confined to a single paper; it may be contained in several papers.
  10. Nominations must be received in the first half of the prior year on behalf of students who were undergraduates in December of the prior year.
  11. Prize recipients are selected by a standing joint committee of the AMS, MAA, and SIAM (AMS-MAA-SIAM Joint Committee on the Morgan Prize). The joint committee is to consist of six members, each to serve for a term of three years, two appointed by the President of each society. The decisions of this Committee should be final.
  12. The AMS-MAA-SIAM Joint Committee on the Morgan Prize is to submit the name(s) of prize winner(s) and those to receive honorable mention, along with citations appropriate for a prize booklet, to the Secretary of MAA no later than May 31st of the year prior to the award.
  13. At least two of every three consecutive awards of the prize shall occur at a joint national meeting of the AMS and MAA. SIAM may choose to present the award at its national meeting in place of the joint AMS/MAA meeting. If SIAM chooses to give the award at its national meeting, then they should notify the Secretary of the MAA before September 15 prior to the year of the award.
  14. If the award is to be presented at a national meeting of SIAM, the citations for the winner(s) and honorable mention(s) should appear in the prize booklet of the JMM in the year of the award along with a note that they will be presented at the SIAM meeting.
  15. Commencing in 2012, and every five years thereafter, the guidelines for the Morgan Prize shall be reviewed by the governing bodies of the AMS, MAA, and SIAM, according to each society’s rules and procedures.

Approved by the MAA Board of Governors on August 1, 2012, and subsequently approved by AMS and SIAM.

List of Recipients


Winner – Ashwin Sah and Mehtaab Sawhney, MIT
Honorable Mention – Noah Kravitz, Yale University


Winner – Ravi Jagadeesan, Harvard University
Honorable Mention – Evan Chen, MIT
Honorable Mention – Huy Tuan Pham, Stanford University


Winner – Ashvin Anand Swaminathan, Princeton University
Honorable Mention – Greg (Ge) Yang, Harvard College


Winner – David H. Yang, MIT
Honorable Mention – Aaron Landesman, Harvard University


Winner – Amol Aggarwal, Harvard University
Honorable Mention – Evan O’Dorney, Cambridge University


Winner – Levent Alpoge, Cambridge University
Honorable Mention – Akhil Mathew, University of California, Berkeley


Winner – Eric Larson, Harvard University


Winner – Fan Wei, MIT
Honorable Mention – Dhruv Ranganathan, Harvey Mudd College


Winner – John Pardon, Princeton
Honorable Mention – Hannah Alpert, MIT; Elina Robeva, Stanford


Winner – Maria Monks, MIT
Honorable Mention – Michael Viscardi, Harvard; Yufei Zhao, MIT


Winner – Scott Duke Kominers, Harvard University
Honorable Mention – Maria Monks, MIT


Winner – Aaron Pixton, Princeton University
Honorable Mention – Andrei Negut, Princeton University


Winner – Nathan Kaplan, Princeton University


Winner – Daniel Kane, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Winner – Jacob Fox, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Winner – Reid Barton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Honorable Mention – Po-Shen Loh, University of Cambridge


Winner – Melanie Wood, Duke University
Honorable Mention – Karen Yeats, University of Waterloo


Winner – Joshua Greene, Harvey Mudd College


Winner – Ciprian Manolescu, Harvard University
Honorable Mention – Michael Levin, MIT


Winner – Jacob Lurie, Harvard University
Honorable Mention – Wai Ling Yee, University of Waterloo


Winner – Sean Thomas McLaughlin, University of Michigan
Honorable Mention – Samit Dasgupta, Harvard University


Winner – Daniel K. Biss, Harvard University
Honorable Mention – Aaron F. Archer, Harvey Mudd College


Winner – Jade P. Vinson, Washington University
Honorable Mention – Vikaas S. Sohal, Harvard University


Winner – Manjul Bhargava, Harvard University
Honorable Mention – Lenhard Ng, Harvard University


Winner – Kannan Soundararajan, University of Michigan
Honorable Mention – Kiran Kedlaya, Harvard University