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Information for Students and Parents

What are the MAA American Mathematics Competitions?

The Mathematical Association of America American Mathematics Competitions (MAA AMC) program is a great way for students to hone their analytical thinking and problem-solving skills through classroom resources and friendly competition.

What are the benefits of participating in the MAA American Mathematics Competitions?

  • Develop essential problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Get an advantage in the college application process
  • Prepare for a variety of different science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) career paths
  • Practice standard common core curriculum in a fun and supportive environment

How can I prepare my student/myself as a student for the MAA American Mathematics Competitions?

The MAA American Mathematics Competitions offers a wide variety of resources and materials to prepare students for the AMC competitions:

  • M-Powered is a source for teachers, students, and community members to access problem-solving activities, interactive events, curriculum resources geared towards critical thinking mathematical comprehension.
  • MAA Curriculum Inspirations are a series of videos that turn AMC problems into rich, mathematical lesson plans that parents and teachers can use to help students practice.
  • MAA AMC Store offers many books on mathematical problem solving for teachers, parents, and students.
  • AMC Preparation Materials available for purchase include questions from past competitions for students to practice.
  • Fun Math is a curated list featuring fun and interesting math topics for students of all ages.