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Section Officers Meetings are organized by the Committee on Sections of the MAA and are held at both the Joint Mathematics Meetings in January and at MAA MathFest in the summer. Section Officers Meetings are usually held on the first afternoon of the conference and vary in length, but are typically one to two hours long with opportunities for discussion, questions, and break-out sessions. All Section officers are encouraged to attend; in addition, Sections should designate one Official Representative to attend the Section Officers Meeting at MAA MathFest.*

*The MAA offers support for travel reimbursement for a Section Officer to attend the Summer Meeting, MAA MathFest. Please check the Travel Policy for more details.

The benefits of attending Section Officers Meetings include:

  • networking with other Section officers;
  • discussing issues common to all Sections;
  • learning best practices from other Sections;
  • obtaining information from the MAA relevant to the Sections; and,
  • conveying information from the Sections to the MAA. 

Questions about Sections? | email MAA Communities Coordinator at