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Martin Gardner Tribute in MAA FOCUS

The following articles give readers a chance to appreciate what an amazing thing Martin did in writing his column. Note that while he was doing that, he was writing other books and articles and carrying on a war against pseudoscience and other nonsense. Besides that, he carried on correspondences and controversies with an amazing group of people. Martin's heritage goes beyond essays and books; he left a community carrying things forward and delighting in it all as they do so. -Peter Renz

"Hexaflexagons" (December 1956)

"Eight Problems" (February 1960)

"The Game of Life" (October 1970)

"Mandlebrot's Fractals" (December 1976)

"Penrose Tiling I & II" (January 1977)

"Trapdoor Ciphers" (August 1977)

"The Wonders of a Planiverse" (July 1980)

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