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The Beckenbach Book Prize, established in 1986, is the successor to the MAA Book Prize established in 1982. It is named for the late Edwin Beckenbach, a long-time leader in the publications program of the Association and a well-known professor of mathematics at the University of California at Los Angeles. The Prize of $2,500 is intended to recognize the author(s) of a distinguished, innovative book published by the MAA and to encourage the writing of such books. The award is not given on a regularly scheduled basis. To be considered for the Beckenbach Prize a book must have been published during the five years preceding the Award.

MAA members may recommend books to be considered for the Beckenbach Book Prize by completing the brief survey here.

Past Recipients


Ron Taylor and Patrick X. Rault, A TeXas-Style Introduction to Proof, MAA Textbooks series, 2017


Nathan CarterIntroduction to the Mathematics of Computer Graphics, Mathematical Association of America, 2016


Roland van der Veen and Jan van de Craats, The Riemann Hypothesis: A Million Dollar Problem, Anneli Lax New Mathematical Library, 2015


Tim Chartier, When Life is Linear: From Computer Graphics to Bracketology, Anneli Lax New Mathematical Library, 2015


Seth Braver, Lobachevski Illuminated, MAA Spectrum, 2011


Judith Grabiner, A Historian Looks Back: The Calculus as Algebra and Selected Writings, MAA Spectrum, 2010


Uncommon Mathematical Excursions: Polynomia and Related Realm (The Mathematical Association of America; 2008) by Dan Kalman.

Visual Group Theory (The Mathematical Association of America; 2009) by Nathan Carter.


William Dunham Euler: The Master of Us All, The Mathematical Association of America, 1999


William P. Berlinghoff and Fernando Q. Gouvêa Math through the Ages: A Gentle History for Teachers and Others, The Mathematical Association of America & Oxton House Publishers, 2004


Arthur Benjamin and Jennifer Quinn Proofs That Really Count: the Art of Combinatorial Proof, Dolciani Mathematical Expositions, 2003


James Tanton, Solve This: Math Activities for Students and Clubs, MAA Classroom Resource Materials, 2001.


Joseph Kirtland, Identification Numbers and Check Digits Schemes, MAA Classroom Resource Materials, 2001.


David M. Bressoud, Proofs and Confirmations, The Story of the Alternating Sign Matrix Conjecture, Spectrum Series, 1999.


Sherman Stein and Sandor Szabo, Algebra and Tiling, Carus Mathematical Monographs, Number 25, 1994.


Constance Reid, The Search for E.T. Bell, Also Known as John Taine, Spectrum, 1993.


Steven George Krantz, Complex Analysis: The Geometric Viewpoint, Carus Mathematical Monographs, Number 23, 1990.


Thomas M. Thompson, From Error-Correcting Codes through Sphere Packings to Simple Groups, Carus Mathematical Monographs, Number 21, 1984.


Edward W. Packel, The Mathematics of Games and Gambling, New Mathematical Library, 1981.


Charles Robert Hadlock, Field Theory and Its Classical Problems, Carus Mathematical Monographs, Number 19, 1978.