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This is an interactive applet requiring Mathematica or the Wolfram CDF player.
This video outlines the uses of two-ways tables and the different ways these tables can be analyzed. The video uses "real-world" data and problems to frame the concepts.
This wiki page provides basic conditional probability formulas and discusses the implications of independence and dependence.
This wiki page outlines formulas using in calculating joint probabilities and provides a dice-rolling example. The formulas range from simple to complex.
This wiki page clearly outlines all formulas used in calculating marginal distributions. Note that this would be used in a more abstract approach to marginal distributions.
Gives derivation of Poisson distribution, moment-generating function, and moments
This is a basic overview of the hypergeometric distribution with descriptions of expectation, variance, covariance, skewness, kurtosis, and hypergeometric function.
This lesson on the hypergeometric distribution includes notation, examples, calculator, and definitions. The material is written in a "student friendly" tone.
Demonstration of a Poisson distribution illustrating how the shape changes with lambda
Tutorial giving the attributes of a Poisson experiment, notation, examples, and a calculator