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Archimedes' computation of circle area and his use of the Law of the Lever to compute volumes of cones, cylinders, spheres, and paraboloids in his Method, explored using interactive Java ap

A summary of the history of the problem of finding the region of greatest area bounded by a given perimeter, from Zenodorus and Pappus to Jakob Steiner (one page each).

The expression \(0^0\) is usually called an indeterminate form.

Leibniz: First Published Rules for the Derivative: Images of the first appearances of the Product and Quotient Rules in print in an article by Leibniz in a 1684 issue of the journal Acta Eruditoru
Alphabetical list of well-known curves from Apple of Discord (Cycloid) and Astroid to Wankel's Engine (Reuleaux Polygons) and Witch of Agnesi, with graphs, equations, interesting facts, and histor
Graphs of the brachistochrone curve, including an animation of a "race" along it and other curves, and much historical background.
Essay giving a brief overview of the history of the function concept from intimations in ancient Babylonian tables; to consideration of relations beyond single-formula continuous ones by Euler, Fo
Essay giving a brief overview of the history of calculus from ancient Greeks to Cauchy, with dozens of links to biographies of the mathematicians involved, including Archimedes, Newton and Leibniz
Mathematica demonstrations covering almost every aspect of high school algebra and geometry needed for the study of calculus.