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A free OS X application for exploring parametrized surfaces.It features draggable tangent lines and tangent planes; geodesics at any point, in any direction; solid or wireframe rendering; draggabl

An elegant planimeter applet. The user can pick from 6 built-in figures to compute the area by tracing around the perimeter.

Purchase your own non-orientable surfaces in a variety of glass-blown or hand-woven forms. Website is source material for in-class mathematical comedy.
This web page tells the history of the invention of the ENIAC computer. It was invented to calculate ballistic trajectories during World War II. The web site also includes an ENIAC simulator.
This is a collection of 23 instructional videos on multiple integrals. Each is a solution of a single problem on some topic.
MAPLE worksheet (used to be "package") intdraw / intdraw3d: Visually check the limits of integration.

In this gallery you'll find interactive pictures of the quadric surfaces.

These are handouts for both instructors and students for carrying out a change of variables.

A variety of information about minimal surfaces, including: research (papers and links to related sites); essays; a large library of graphics of minimal surfaces; software, images and movies.

The authors point out the problem with using angles \(\phi\) and \(\theta\) in spherical coordinates in the opposite way that they are used in other sciences, especially physics and engineering